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Luna & Ace


Luna of Logan Ranch & Ace of Lupers Elite Ranch

Introducing our latest litter of exceptional puppies from the pairing of Ace of Luper’s Elite Ranch and Luna of Logan Ranch. Ace, an AKC Champion, and Luna, boasting a bloodline filled with champions, have united to bring forth a lineage that epitomizes excellence in pedigree and temperament.

At our program, we uphold rigorous ethical breeding practices, ensuring the health and well-being of our dogs. Prioritizing the highest standards, we conduct thorough health and DNA testing, guaranteeing the soundness of each puppy. Our commitment to responsible breeding extends beyond accolades; it’s a dedication to producing not just champions but beloved companions who thrive in both physique and character.

Join us in welcoming this extraordinary litter, a testament to the careful selection and expertise that defines our breeding program. These puppies embody the legacy of their distinguished lineage, promising exceptional conformation and the loving, loyal nature characteristic of well-bred companions.

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