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Rainbow Zlatni Lav (Luna)

Nala - Yorkshire Terrier


Bred from European champion bloodlines, Luna is a spirited Yorkshire Terrier with a lively and energetic personality. She has a solid frame with a black and tan coat that flows in the wind as she runs. Her eyes are bright and inquisitive, showing her curious nature and confident demeanor.

One of Luna’s defining characteristics is her playful and energetic spirit. She is always on the move, bounding around the house and yard with infectious enthusiasm. Her love for playtime knows no bounds, and she always finds creative ways to keep herself entertained. Luna’s playful nature, whether chasing a ball or frolicking in the grass, is contagious.

Training is another area where Luna excels. She is an intelligent dog and picks up new commands quickly. She is eager to please and loves the positive reinforcement that comes with training. Her confident nature also makes her an ideal candidate for obedience competitions or agility trials, as she is always up for a challenge and eager to show off her skills.

Confidence is another one of Luna’s defining traits. She approaches new situations with enthusiasm and curiosity, always ready to take on new challenges. Also, her confidence makes her an excellent watchdog, quickly alerting to potential danger.

In summary, Luna is an energetic, playful, loyal, and confident Yorkshire Terrier who brings joy and excitement to our lives. Her intelligence and willingness to learn make her an ideal companion.

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